All Input trainees undergo an intensive twelve week induction programme.

Each programme is tailored to the individual set of trainees on each programme. We constantly test and improve our programmes with daily and monthly reviews and put our trainees at the heart of this.

Trainees may then continue to work with Input further developing and learning skills for between six months and a few years. Emphasis is given to working and delivering to the community – trainees help in delivering other courses and refurbishing computers as well as shaping, improving and developing our services.

Each trainee’s progress is tracked and evaluated with our innovative new system. Trainees are actively involved in the process and clear individual goals are agreed.

Input offers advice and computer repairs to the local community and other charities. We also provide consultancy within our specialised areas including adaptive technologies.

We now offer a mobile computer suite where Input and its trainees take our project to those who can’t come to us – developing keyboard, mouse and basic IT skills as well as the opportunity to help others in the community through our refurbishing system – oh and have some fun.

These services, and others, are being offered to schools, colleges, local government, other groups and individuals.  Contact us for more details.

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